Pension Fund Cases

Selection of a sole corporate trustee

Once a DB pension scheme is closed to accrual and the aim is to work towards its self-sufficiency, the governance requirements of that scheme change.

Towards organisational excellence

In today’s pension world of ever-more regulation and increasing burden of understanding on Trustees, how to look at the landscape can be challenging. Strategies are more complex, markets are less forgiving and stakeholders are more critical.

Selection of Independent Risk Overlay and Solvency Manager

In today’s volatile environment there is a need for a dedicated risk overlay function, which is managing assets against liabilities on a continuous basis. Many providers claim they can offer this service, but large differences exist.

Selection of delegated CIO for Illiquids

Client request: This large corporate scheme wanted to assess the way illiquid investments (such as private equity, infrastructure and real estate) were managed and select an external delegated CIO for this part of the portfolio.

Peer Group Comparison of Custodian

Client request: This Euro 16 bn pension provider wanted to ensure that the total custody fees they paid were in line with market practices.

Implementing ESG Focused Investment Governance

In today’s environment many pension funds and their providers have an ambition to meet a set of sustainability criteria in the design of their investment portfolios.

Cost vs. Benefit in-house investment team

Client request: This large UK multi-employer scheme wanted to assess the quality of their in-house investment team against various outsourcing models available in the market.

Assessment Investment Committee

In today’s environment, strategies are more complex, markets are less forgiving and stakeholders are more critical. This puts a high pressure on the effectiveness of investment organisations.

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